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Pullman hotels cultivate the art of enjoying those moments when work stops and leisure begins.

Indulge yourself while sunbathing and taking a relaxing dip in refreshing azure waters.

Fit and Spa by Pullman

Take a moment to relax at our Fit and Spa Lounge with infinity pool on the 16th floor.

Immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of our stunning Fit and Spa by Pullman on the 16th floor. Sauna, hammam and swimming pool with panoramic view – we have everything for a full relaxation. Our highly qualified massage therapists will offer you the highest quality massages. You want to work out? There is no better place than our gym with a view over the sea.

Gym – open 24/7, Sauna, hammam, indoor pool – open from 6.30 a.m. till 10.30 p.m.


This type of massage will improve your health, will keep you young, will maintain you fresh and make you think positively. Massage improves cardiac function, helps to stimulate blood flow and lymph circulation and eliminates congestion of the body.


The purpose of this massage is to improve smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Helps to reinforce metabolism and microcirculation, to excrete toxins and get slimmer. The massage corrects the body shape and revitalizes skin firmness.

Sea body wrap

This body wrap with sea salt perfectly cleanses your body, activates all metabolic processes and has calming and relaxing effect. It will help you to relieve swelling, intensify blood circulation, saturate skin by minerals. Also it makes skin soft , supple and firm.

Super Detox

The treatment promotes deep cleaning and detoxication of your body and spirit. You feel more energy and powerful. Program steps: sauna, scrubbing, detoxicated and anti-cellulite wrap, super detox massage.

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    Оставайтесь в прекрасной форме и укрепляйте здоровье с наслаждением в Fit & Spa by Pullman. К...

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